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The World's Fastest Dinner Date

Aired: 02/25/2014 | Views: 51,499
With the help of a woman with a serious appetite, Daniel attempts to break the world record for fastest dinner date.

Tosh Is Better Than You - Parallel Park

Aired: 06/26/2012 | Views: 39,325
Daniel takes on the Guinness Book of World Records title holder for the tightest parallel parking job

College Campus Invasion - Tosh Is Better Than You - Cheerleader Jump

Aired: 09/20/2011 | Views: 167,014
Daniel attempts to jump over 20 Arizona State cheerleaders and Satan on a slip and slide.

World's Fastest Wiffle Ball Pitcher

Aired: 06/21/2011 | Views: 275,477
Daniel takes on a flame-throwing Wiffle Ball pitcher and tests him against the top three batters on Team.0.

31-Legged Race

Aired: 03/08/2011 | Views: 121,558
Chinese schoolchildren might have completed a world record 31-legged race, but the US of A just knocked out a 32-person wheelbarrow race.

Tosh Is Better Than You - Quarters in Bellybutton

Aired: 09/29/2010 | Views: 316,003
A man manages to cram a bunch of quarters into his bellybutton, and Daniel takes the money-stuffing challenge to the next level.

Fastest Kid in the World

Aired: 09/08/2010 | Views: 88,427
A kid gets really excited when a traffic speed trailer clocks him at 12 miles per hour, but Daniel thinks he can do better.

Speed Run

Aired: 07/14/2010 | Views: 94,233
Daniel takes a Sonic the Hedgehog speed run to the next level.

Tosh Is Better Than You - Four Chairs & Jump Rope Push Ups

Aired: 02/10/2010 | Views: 248,680
Daniel attempts to beat the world record for chair jumping and jumps rope from his hands and knees.

World's Tallest Model

Aired: 01/20/2010 | Views: 125,583
The tallest model in the world is 6-foot-8 and most likely hiding a little something.