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Video Breakdown - Shovel Girl

Aired: 05/20/2014 | Views: 155,601
A teenage girl puts a definitive end to a fight when she throws a shovel at her opponent's head.

Video Breakdown - Undies vs. Taser

Aired: 05/13/2014 | Views: 148,416
A man in the middle of a strip search gets tased after he flings his underwear at one of the presiding officers.

Sword vs. Watermelon

Aired: 09/17/2013 | Views: 77,603
When a watermelon-slicing attempt goes horribly wrong, Daniel demonstrates the right way to cut fruit.

Chopstick Skills

Aired: 04/02/2013 | Views: 98,066
When Daniel sees what this guy can do with chopsticks, he tries to throw a stick through a wall.

Street Performer Punch

Aired: 04/02/2013 | Views: 61,148
Daniel's security guard doesn't snap as easily as this street performer.

Todd Glass' Awful Prank Show - Fake Cop

Aired: 03/19/2013 | Views: 33,553
Todd Glass pranks some people while dressed as a fake cop.

Daniel's Gift Guide

Aired: 12/04/2012 | Views: 16,234
Daniel gives his advice on the best gifts this holiday season for people of all ages.

Web Reflection - Best of Season Four

Aired: 12/04/2012 | Views: 125,856
Daniel reviews what we've learned in 2012 and takes a look back at his last year on Earth in this Web Reflection.

Extended Interview - Daniel Meets Krispy Kreme

Aired: 10/02/2012 | Views: 138,471
Krispy Kreme clears up rumors about his relationship with Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Daniel Meets Krispy Kreme

Aired: 10/02/2012 | Views: 163,253
Daniels asks Krispy Kreme how he broke into the rap game and helps him get to the next level.