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Human Foosball

Aired: 09/09/2014 | Views: 38,384
Some friends build a life-size foosball set, and Daniel exposes the dark side of professional goalkeeping.

RC Car Crash

Aired: 05/27/2014 | Views: 76,897
A little boy collides head-on with a remote control car, and Daniel relives a traumatic car crash.

Web Redemption - Space Shuttle Launch

Aired: 05/20/2014 | Views: 51,098
A man who tried and failed to launch a model rocket gets the full NASA treatment in preparation for his next mission.

Horseshoe Trick Shots

Aired: 05/06/2014 | Views: 76,460
Daniel tries to rectify the Internet's lack of horseshoe trick shot videos, but his skills don't match his ambition.

Doll Wrestle

Aired: 04/16/2014 | Views: 48,187
A Japanese wrestler takes on a dummy in the ring, and Daniel competes against a slew of inflatable opponents in the Royal Rumble.

Video Breakdown - Twister

Aired: 04/16/2014 | Views: 90,475
A man with a bottle full of baby oil helps a group of obese naked women play a game of erotic Twister.

Dangerous Games

Aired: 12/03/2013 | Views: 41,132
Bored with run-of-the-mill party games, Daniel and his staff come up with some riskier and more revolting versions of the classics.

Daniel's Commercial Work

Aired: 10/22/2013 | Views: 17,715
Watching Seth Green's 1993 Nerf ad leads Daniel to revisit his early acting days.

Pool Table Self-Pwn

Aired: 10/08/2013 | Views: 31,401
An unlucky pool player gets laid out hard by his buddies.

30 for 30.0 - Nerf Hoops

Aired: 05/14/2013 | Views: 311,409
Daniel and a team of basketball experts take a look at the life of the greatest Nerf basketball dunker who ever lived.