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Break the Ice

Aired: 11/25/2014 | Views: 29,968
A group of teens prank a friend by breaking the ice he's standing on, and Daniel uses similar tactics in his dating life.

Insult Preacher

Aired: 10/28/2014 | Views: 12,923
A frustrated preacher unloads on his congregation for their lack of enthusiasm in church, and Daniel is inspired to become a youth pastor.

Video Breakdown - 40-Mile-Per-Hour Longboard

Aired: 09/16/2014 | Views: 86,446
A teenager hitches his skateboard to a friend's car but quickly realizes that he can't keep his balance at high speeds.

Is It Racist? - Asian People What?

Aired: 09/02/2014 | Views: 17,327
When a teenager says something indiscernible about Asian people, Daniel hits the streets to ask Asian Americans what they think she meant.

Video Breakdown - Shovel Girl

Aired: 05/20/2014 | Views: 173,676
A teenage girl puts a definitive end to a fight when she throws a shovel at her opponent's head.

Toothbrush Gun

Aired: 05/06/2014 | Views: 65,872
A teenager experiments with dental hygiene by attaching his toothbrush to a toy gun, and Daniel improves on his design.

Video Breakdown - Gymnast Snap

Aired: 04/01/2014 | Views: 72,772
A redheaded adolescent demonstrates why some gymnasts are better off twirling that ribbon on a stick.

Web Redemption - Model Teacher

Aired: 03/25/2014 | Views: 92,259
Daniel calls a board of education meeting to determine whether to reinstate a Florida teacher who was fired for moonlighting as a lingerie model.

Video Breakdown - Bong Fight

Aired: 12/10/2013 | Views: 390,485
A ginger kid confronts his chubby friend about stealing his bong, but both boys prove to be pretty awful at fist fighting.

Daniel Tosh Presents: The Most Fascinating People of 2013 - Uncensored

Aired: 12/10/2013 | Views: 113,978
A YouTube fairy, a teen with strong opinions on the age of consent and a guy nonchalantly talking about a blowjob vie to become Daniel's Most Fascinating Person of 2013.