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Video Breakdown - Amateur Boxing

Aired: 05/06/2014 | Views: 106,029
Two Hispanic men flail their way through a boxing match.

Web Redemption - Misses Every Layup

Aired: 04/16/2014 | Views: 37,306
Daniel gives a black man who missed eight straight shots in a shooting contest a chance to redeem his cred in the black community.

Tosh Finds a Lawyer - Uncensored

Aired: 03/18/2014 | Views: 29,315
After receiving a threatening voicemail from a woman whose video was featured on Tosh.0, Daniel searches through TV commercials to find legal representation.

Hyundai Salesman - Uncensored

Aired: 11/12/2013 | Views: 46,968
A middle-aged car salesman shows off his pop 'n' locking skills, and Daniel's dealership staff one-ups him with their own moves.

Is It Racist? - Slurs

Aired: 02/26/2013 | Views: 60,701
Daniel puts together a diverse focus group to see if his made-up terms are offensive.

Black Kick Fight

Aired: 11/27/2012 | Views: 234,728
Daniel breaks down one of the funniest fights ever.

Redneck Video Chat

Aired: 11/27/2012 | Views: 264,797
This redneck woman and her mother have a lot of problems and they want you to know all of them.

Redneck Bonfire

Aired: 11/20/2012 | Views: 112,988
Here's proof that stupid season is year-around in the south.

A Rabbi, a Priest and a Black Guy

Aired: 10/02/2012 | Views: 51,738
What happens when these three guys get on a plane?

Extended Interview - Blackface Kid

Aired: 09/25/2012 | Views: 48,482
Daniel determines who is more racist: the kid who painted his face black for an MLK Jr. presentation, or his parents.