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Fluffing a Pillow

Aired: 11/18/2014 | Views: 15,269
A man passionately humps a couch cushion, and Daniel offers some insight on the relationship.

Skank Tank

Aired: 11/04/2014 | Views: 108,689
Inspired by a latex sex diaper, Daniel introduces a product that guarantees no exchange of bodily fluids.

Web Redemption - Date Camp

Aired: 11/04/2014 | Views: 28,655
A couple that teaches a kissing workshop gives Daniel some relationship tips.

Kiffin's Krimson Korner

Aired: 10/14/2014 | Views: 895,056
On his public access call-in show, University of Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin contends with a nonstop barrage of hateful comments.

Fast Food PDA

Aired: 09/09/2014 | Views: 51,135
A couple gets hot and heavy in the middle of McDonald's, and Daniel encounters a drive-thru customer who's got his hands full.

Girls Ask Daniel Questions

Aired: 04/29/2014 | Views: 96,210
Inspired by BuzzFeed's "Guys Answer the Questions All Girls Want to Know," Daniel answers questions from women in the Tosh.0 audience.

Firework Cockblock

Aired: 04/22/2014 | Views: 49,698
A group of guys put an explosive end to their friend's beach romance, and Daniel retaliates with his secret weapon.

Video Breakdown - Twister

Aired: 04/16/2014 | Views: 109,352
A man with a bottle full of baby oil helps a group of obese naked women play a game of erotic Twister.

B-Holes with Dr. Kramer - Uncensored

Aired: 04/08/2014 | Views: 66,273
Dr. Joseph Kramer gives Daniel and his audience tips on how to get more pleasure out of their sphincters.

Twitten By - The Balding Pelican

Aired: 04/01/2014 | Views: 15,933
Daniel reads a children's book co-authored by his Twitter followers featuring the exploits of a sad, balding pelican.