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Experiments with Bill Nye

Aired: 02/18/2014 | Views: 144,538
Daniel and his famous father learn what happens when a pot of boiling water is thrown into very cold air.

Sex Talk with Mom

Aired: 10/15/2013 | Views: 56,303
Daniel tries to reason with a fetish video's disapproving mommy.

Redneck Video Chat

Aired: 11/27/2012 | Views: 264,503
This redneck woman and her mother have a lot of problems and they want you to know all of them.


Aired: 10/23/2012 | Views: 158,235
After this guy films his mother sleepwalking, Daniel films his daily nap to see what happens.

Girl Scout Cookie Conspiracy

Aired: 07/31/2012 | Views: 166,321
This Girl Scout didn't fall on her face -- she was pushed.

Army Prankster

Aired: 07/17/2012 | Views: 96,851
The teenager who pranked his mom is put to the test on Daniel's hidden camera prank show, "Junk'd."

Extended Interview - Army Prankster

Aired: 07/17/2012 | Views: 36,775
Prankster Brad talks about what an honor it is to pretend to serve your country.

Extended Interview - Skateboarding Fail

Aired: 06/05/2012 | Views: 24,762
Daniel wants to know more about Surge's skateboarding trick where he gets hit by a truck.

Skateboarding Fail

Aired: 06/05/2012 | Views: 110,624
Daniel wants to know if getting hit by a truck was the trick Surge was trying to pull off.

Extended Interview - Cliff Jumper

Aired: 03/27/2012 | Views: 96,912
Daniel tries to understand why Zac jumped off a cliff during spring break.