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Rave Pacifier

Aired: 05/20/2014 | Views: 39,304
A young woman at a rave is entranced by a man twirling glow sticks in front of her face, and Daniel puts some new knowledge to use in the Tosh.0 office.

Video Breakdown - Shovel Girl

Aired: 05/20/2014 | Views: 109,579
A teenage girl puts a definitive end to a fight when she throws a shovel at her opponent's head.

Pink BMXer

Aired: 05/13/2014 | Views: 25,072
Paramedic Daniel is ready to help after a female cyclist wipes out while trying to land a jump.

Girls Ask Daniel Questions

Aired: 04/29/2014 | Views: 86,574
Inspired by BuzzFeed's "Guys Answer the Questions All Girls Want to Know," Daniel answers questions from women in the Tosh.0 audience.

Tosh's Beats by Dre Commercial

Aired: 03/25/2014 | Views: 176,842
In a bid to get some free headphones, Daniel produces a commercial showing how Beats by Dre can block out even the most troubling of noises.

Video Breakdown - Garbage Girls - Uncensored

Aired: 03/18/2014 | Views: 110,921
A woman needs some help from her friends to throw her garbage into an unusually high dumpster.

Web Redemption - Take No Orders - Uncensored

Aired: 03/04/2014 | Views: 55,131
An unabashed sexist named Ihor explains how he wound up expressing his views on the local news, and Daniel and Ihor walk a mile in women's shoes.

Weightlift in Heels - Uncensored

Aired: 02/18/2014 | Views: 48,221
A CrossFitter finds out why proper exercise attire is so important, and Daniel becomes a member of a very formal gym.

Web Redemption - Happy Birthday, Katie - Uncensored

Aired: 11/19/2013 | Views: 38,652
Daniel redeems a maybe-murderer who made an insufferable video for his best friend's birthday.

Extended Interview - Happy Birthday Katie Guy's Web Redemption

Aired: 11/19/2013 | Views: 9,274
Daniel discovers how this guy's private cringe-worthy birthday video went public.