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What's in Your Body?

Aired: 10/21/2014 | Views: 30,195
The Tosh.0 audience tries to guess what items doctors are trying to extract from a variety of orifices.

Web Redemption - Roof Jump

Aired: 04/22/2014 | Views: 40,944
A young woman who broke her feet while attempting to jump into a pool is admitted to a hospital for people whose injuries go viral on the Internet.

B-Holes with Dr. Kramer - Uncensored

Aired: 04/08/2014 | Views: 66,277
Dr. Joseph Kramer gives Daniel and his audience tips on how to get more pleasure out of their sphincters.

Scared of Needles

Aired: 04/01/2014 | Views: 9,627
A patient gets a case of the willies from an injection, and Daniel's doctor tells him some shocking news.

Check Your Balls

Aired: 11/12/2013 | Views: 51,785
Members of an Australian football team get an on-air tutorial on how to check their testicles for lumps, and Daniel grows a pubic 'stache to bring awareness to nut cancer.

Web Redemption - Fired for Being Too Hot - Uncensored

Aired: 04/23/2013 | Views: 144,061
After Melissa gets fired for being too attractive, Daniel goes into business with her.

Insane Voicemails from Comedian Greg Hahn - Propecia

Aired: 02/26/2013 | Views: 21,501
When Greg Hahn needs medical advice, who better to call than Daniel?

Leg Cast Lady

Aired: 02/12/2013 | Views: 113,256
Based on his recent accident experience, Daniel offers some medical advice to this woman in leg casts.

20 Seconds on the Clock - Stretcher Fail

Aired: 11/20/2012 | Views: 120,655
Daniel puts 20 seconds on the clock to watch a guy on a stretcher add to his injuries.

The Reprimand - Uncensored

Aired: 10/09/2012 | Views: 56,008
A mature tween confronts her pedophile uncle, and Daniel picks the worst time to break bad news to people.