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Daniel's Nana Nana Subaru Winner

Aired: 05/13/2014 | Views: 64,039
Daniel tests a determined teenager, a hula-hoop saleswoman, a tattooed man and a literal-minded dog owner to determine who will win his Subaru.

Nana Nana Subaru Semifinalists

Aired: 05/13/2014 | Views: 29,589
Daniel rejects a slew of Nana Nana Subaru submissions before focusing on a pogo sticker, a girl with a ukulele and a guy with cancer.

Drifting's Only Fan

Aired: 05/13/2014 | Views: 25,541
A driver hits an onlooker while practicing his drifting skills, and the victim's loved ones organize a fitting funeral.

Fun with Air Compressors

Aired: 03/04/2014 | Views: 74,971
A mechanic blows the pants off a coworker, and Daniel wreaks havoc on his office with a miniature air compressor.

Video Breakdown - The Worst Driver in China

Aired: 03/04/2014 | Views: 42,514
A scooter driver in a busy intersection appears unable to drive anywhere without immediately hitting another vehicle.

Nana Nana Subaru

Aired: 02/25/2014 | Views: 105,152
Daniel invites fans to submit a video proving they're better than him for a chance to win his Subaru Outback.

Video Breakdown - Speed Wobble - Uncensored

Aired: 11/26/2013 | Views: 109,404
An intrepid cyclist piggybacks on his friend's car, but 40 miles per hour proves to be more than he can handle.

Couch Drop

Aired: 11/19/2013 | Views: 33,248
Some guys devise a highly efficient method of moving a couch off the second floor, and Daniel demonstrates his own moving company's strategy.

Truck Gets Air

Aired: 11/19/2013 | Views: 19,037
The driver of a pickup truck clears a ramp and then some, and Daniel gets in touch with his inner Daisy Duke.

Hyundai Salesman - Uncensored

Aired: 11/12/2013 | Views: 46,678
A middle-aged car salesman shows off his pop 'n' locking skills, and Daniel's dealership staff one-ups him with their own moves.