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Video Breakdown - Amateur Boxing

Aired: 05/06/2014 | Views: 96,194
Two Hispanic men flail their way through a boxing match.

Is It Racist? - Adding an A

Aired: 07/19/2011 | Views: 151,905
Daniel knows that if you add an "a" to a slur, it isn't racist anymore.

Tacos Del Rio Fight

Aired: 05/17/2011 | Views: 488,530
An East Los Angeles taco shop is ruined by an epic brawl.

Karate Kid vs. Gangsta

Aired: 07/07/2010 | Views: 560,402
A brawl is not a brawl until someone busts out martial arts.

Dump in the Mall

Aired: 02/24/2010 | Views: 272,128
Tosh tries to figure out why no one stopped a guy dropping a deuce outside a Bath and Body Works.