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Pastor vs. Cameraman

Aired: 10/08/2013 | Views: 48,562
When a wedding officiant confronts a camera crew on its proximity to the ceremony, things get real awkward real fast.

Funeral Dance

Aired: 09/03/2013 | Views: 45,731
A funeral attendant's attempt to honor the dead through dance gets derailed by a botched backflip.

Web Chat - Bedroom Weightlifter

Aired: 02/19/2013 | Views: 64,235
Daniel talks fitness and spirituality with this 500-pound weightlifter.


Aired: 11/08/2011 | Views: 191,990
Inspired by Denver Broncos player Tim Tebow, Daniel shows clips of people "tebowing."

Baby Preacher

Aired: 01/25/2011 | Views: 176,200
Tosh takes his audience to church and finds a diaper-clad woman of faith preaching the Gospel.

Wheelie Fail

Aired: 03/10/2010 | Views: 142,537
Every youth pastor needs to ride his motorcycle into church and take out the bingo table at least once.