Brotivational Speaker

Season 8 , Ep 17 Views: 4,057

Daniel gets in touch with a broey young man who left an inspirational video video message on a phone he found. (2:28)

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- Hello.

I don't knowwhose phone this is

I just found,

but, um,

you're beautiful

and you will always accomplish

whatever your mindthinks it can do.

So if you, um,

have a dream, go fulfill it,

go do it,

'cause you will have it

and you will accomplish--

you will succeed.

Everything in this worldis not promised,

but if you make it promised,

it'll be promised.

God bless America.

God bless you.

God bless me.

God bless everybody here.

You da man and you know.


- If anybodyever finds my phone,

please don't film anything.

Just immediately take a hammerand start Tom Brady-ing it.

I appreciatethat brotivational speaker,

and I'd liketo personally thank him

for paying it forward,

so please welcome Rob!

Hey, Rob.

How you doing, buddy?

- I'm good. How are you, man?

- I'm great.

Where'd you find that phone?

- It was in a bathroom,

just chillingon top of a toilet.

- Ugh.Was it a chick's phone?

- Yeah.

- Why were youin the ladies' room?

- No, it was like a house party.

- Okay.

Did you check out the pics?

Was she good-looking?

- Eh.- All right, enough said.

What exactly did you meanwhen you said,

"Everything in this worldis not promised,

but if you make it promised,it will be promised"?

- I was saying some cliché typemotivational stuff.

I was just trying to throwmy own thing in there.

- So you were drunk?

- Little bit, yeah.

- Walk me through a typical dayin Rob's life.

- Well, you know, I wake up.

And to start my day,I go outside a lot,

walk around.

I don't know, man.

- You like to go outside?

- Yeah, get some activities.

- Well, just in caseyou ever lose your phone

when you're out exploring,

I want people to be ableto leave you a message.

What's your passwordto unlock your phone?

- Mine's 1-2-3-4.

- Ha!

- Ha!

- All right, bro.Good talking to you.