Escalator Slide

Season 7 , Ep 12 05/05/2015 Views: 1,412

A young woman slides down an escalator railing headfirst, and Daniel steps up to keep future sliders safe. (1:09)

Now, the streak-free shineof Windex

claims yet another victim.

And neck braces are all the wayback on the fourth floor.

Do we really think one of themis ready to be president?

Aye, she's escaping!

Where's Paul Blartwhen you need him?

I know where he's not--

making Paul Blart 3.

(girl)Where is she going?

We didn't even park up here.

Maybe she doesn't rememberwhere you parked

because her brain is bleeding.

There's warning signsall over escalators.

What more must I do?

Oh, okay, that is on her.

You are not supposed to goheadfirst.

Next!Let's go, potato head.

You're holding up the line.

Oh, hey, hey, hey.What's the rush?

What high school do you go to?

U.S. Minister.

Ooh, you want some beer?

I got two in my car.Huh?

I get off around 7:30.Next!

She took me up on those beers.

They were a little warm.