Trick or Tweet

Aired: 10/28/2014 | Views: 2,960
In the spirit of Halloween, Daniel invites his fans to spook him via Twitter.

Green Screen Trampoline

Aired: 10/28/2014 | Views: 8,731
A middle-aged man shatters his shin while trying to jump on a trampoline, and Daniel green-screens the scene to make it better.

Drunk Stumble

Aired: 10/28/2014 | Views: 3,426
Daniel speculates about what could have made a woman trip and fall outside of a church.

Video Breakdown - 99-Cent Truck

Aired: 10/28/2014 | Views: 2,027
A truck driver attempts an ambitious U-turn, and a tree pays the price.

Unsolicited Advice From Andy Kindler - Fall's TV Lineup

Aired: 10/28/2014 | Views: 2,788
Andy Kindler takes the new fall shows "Selfie," "Blackish," and "NCIS: New Orleans" down a peg.

Web Redemption - Kayak

Aired: 10/28/2014 | Views: 7,721
Daniel and a 21-year-old redhead with terrible survival skills compete on "Naked and Afraid."

Dog Dreams

Aired: 10/28/2014 | Views: 4,646
A dog falls asleep on the couch, and Daniel imagines what he might be dreaming about.

Insult Preacher

Aired: 10/28/2014 | Views: 2,713
A frustrated preacher unloads on his congregation for their lack of enthusiasm in church, and Daniel is inspired to become a youth pastor.

Around the Corner

Aired: 10/21/2014 | Views: 40,604
A driver in an RV park hits a little girl on her bicycle, and Daniel reveals what she was trying to get away from.

Redemption Reunion Spectacular - Where Are They Now (Again)?

Aired: 10/21/2014 | Views: 35,354
Daniel catches up with Antoine Dodson, Badfinger, X12 and a surprise guest in the second annual Tosh.Oh, That's What They're Up to Now Reunion Spectacular.