Preview - Lingerie Football Coach

Aired: 08/29/2014 | Views: 3,245
On a new episode of Tosh.0, Daniel meets a lingerie football coach with a fiery temper, Tuesday at 10/9c.

Punching Balls

Aired: 08/26/2014 | Views: 24,919
A woman uses a man's scrotum as a punching bag, and Daniel helps Sylvester Stallone train in "Rocky VIII."

Swiffer Owl

Aired: 08/26/2014 | Views: 19,698
A Swiffer proves to be a useful tool for removing an owl from a house, but a Wet Jet ends up being more appropriate for Daniel's purposes.

Video Breakdown - Revolving Door

Aired: 08/26/2014 | Views: 101,607
After seeing his friends run through a revolving door, a young man tries his hand at completing the stunt.

Web Redemption - "Summertime Is Great"

Aired: 08/26/2014 | Views: 21,783
Daniel discusses the music-making process with family band Three Beat Slide and collaborates with them on a new single.

Bomb on the Plane

Aired: 08/26/2014 | Views: 55,587
An airline passenger claims the plane isn't safe, and Daniel makes an announcement from the flight deck.

Bouncing Baby Basketball

Aired: 08/26/2014 | Views: 9,992
A woman pranks men by convincing them that she's pregnant with their baby, but Daniel follows through with his commitment.

Lipstick Bounty Hunters

Aired: 08/26/2014 | Views: 16,745
After discovering a bounty hunting squad led by female twins, Daniel brings in a fugitive to prove that he's ready to join the team.

Daniel Tosh and Three Beat Slide - "Autumntime Sucks Balls"

Aired: 08/26/2014 | Views: 1,449
Daniel and the family band made famous by "Summertime Is Great" express their feelings about a much crappier season.

Extended Interview - "Summertime Is Great" Family's Web Redemption

Aired: 08/26/2014 | Views: 1,707
Daniel grills the family band behind "Summertime Is Great" about why they've never heard of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's hit song "Summertime."