Video Breakdown - Police Bacon

Views: 31,046
Aired: 03/03/2015

A woman surprises some police officers with a box of raw bacon as a bystander captures the whole thing on his phone. (1:28)

Video Breakdown


Video Breakdown - Police Bacon

March 3, 2015 Views: 31,046

A woman surprises some police officers with a box of raw bacon as a bystander captures the whole thing on his phone.

Tags: Video Breakdown, police business, food, weight/obesity, cannibalism, phones


Video Breakdown - Slap Fight

February 24, 2015 Views: 21,855

Two men face off in a slapping competition, and one of them goes down hard.

Tags: Video Breakdown, violence, competitions

Video Breakdown - Hits and Run

February 17, 2015 Views: 17,635

A driver in Taiwan hits a series of people along the same stretch of road.

Tags: Video Breakdown, driving, crime, injuries, China, Taiwan

Video Breakdown - Trains

December 2, 2014 Views: 81,373

Police officers in Utah act fast when they see a woman speeding toward a railroad crossing.

Tags: Video Breakdown, police business, driving, transportation, Utah, Mormon, injuries

Video Breakdown - Black Friday

November 25, 2014 Views: 45,210

A swarm of Black Friday shoppers pushes its way through the doors of a Target in Buffalo.

Tags: Video Breakdown, shopping, holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, weight/obesity, poverty, riots

Video Breakdown - Cowboys Fan

November 18, 2014 Views: 47,652

A football fan flies into a destructive rage when his team fails to meet his expectations.

Tags: football, Video Breakdown, sports, rage, Texas, fans, NFL, Dallas

Video Breakdown - Parking Garage

November 11, 2014 Views: 51,632

A driver slams his car through a parking garage gate – and then things take a turn for the worse.

Tags: Video Breakdown, driving, cars/trucks, arguments

Video Breakdown - Purse Robbery

November 4, 2014 Views: 42,368

A thief gets caught in a bus door after trying to steal a woman's purse.

Tags: Video Breakdown, Chile, crime, weapons, crying, police business

Video Breakdown - 99-Cent Truck

October 28, 2014 Views: 13,322

A truck driver attempts an ambitious U-turn, and a tree pays the price.

Tags: Video Breakdown, cars/trucks, driving, men/women, stereotypes, truckers

Video Breakdown - Shocker

October 21, 2014 Views: 49,777

A man at a fair tries out an electric chair, but he's unprepared for the intensity of the experience.

Tags: Video Breakdown, amusement parks, injuries, death penalty, lookin' good