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Bristol Palin's Abstinence PSA

Posted by: Carly Hallam | April 7, 2010 at 3:00PM

Bristol Palin has a really super effective PSA out right now where she encourages teenage girls to not have sex UNLESS they're rich and famous like her. Because that cute giggly child right there? Her baby? ALMOST ruined her life. Her life would be the pits…if she wasn't so rich and famous.

Well, I suppose that's a good concept for a PSA. Don't do anything I would do because you're not as entitled as me. My main problem with this is not the message. It's the visual execution of the idea.

If you're rich and you have a baby out of wedlock, you wear tweed and have furniture in your apartment. But if you're not rich and you have a baby out of wedlock, you wear a t-shirt and jeans and your hair is PULLED UP INTO A HAIRTIE! And you live in the same apartment, it's just not furnished.

Well, that doesn't look so bad. I mean, I don't have hardwood floors at my place. And I need a couch. Maybe I should be a teen mom! Seems like a step up from what I've got going on now.

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You'll Never Be As Rich As This Guy

Posted by: Carly Hallam | March 25, 2010 at 10:00AM

Hey guys, it's Tom Vu. He has a big house with a 7 car garage, a tennis court, and a fountain out front. Because nothing spells success like a water fountain.

In the 80s Tom Vu was famous from Quebec to Miami. Do you know how far that was back then? Way farther than it is now.

I hope he's still teaching his seminar on money making. I'd love to see that Mister Rogers' costume in person.

Catch it!

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Tweets Leading to Crime?

Posted by: Joselyn Hughes | July 20, 2009 at 10:00AM

In a story first told to me by a friend who loves to exaggerate, I heard that Twitter may be the new way burglars are using to rob homeowners when they read online that they are leaving via tweets.  "Ridiculous!" I said, but then googled it and found that he wasn't that far off; or at least in this one case.  An Arizona man claims that last month, one of his two thousand something Twitter followers could have read his tweets, saw he was out of town, and broken into his house.  

picture-13I can't believe that this would actually work.  Have you guys read Twitter's public timeline?  I picked some tweets that show that the people on this social networking site are anything but rob-while-they're-out-of-town-worthy.  Burglars won't be scoring much from these people:

  • uv2teach08 @PuddsMom trip's good so far. Hate being broke on vacation. Hard to relax counting every nickel.
  • waltripwoman I forgot to turn on the trailer fridge last night. Where is my brain? Got to pack it up and gas up the truck. Luckily not leaving til noon. 
  • neeyan holy crap $37! :( I'm kinda in debt. And I think we're leaving to San Diego on Saturday… Why am I always going out of town?!
  • krystyn13 Yay! just made a sale on Craigslist. this is how to get vacation money when you are as broke as me.
  • Kaleila_J #unacceptable Going out of town with homies, but no money to spend… cmon now black people!
  • PBDERRTY 6am jus leaving the Harrah's Casino wit @Nelly_Mo@Cityspud and @ucitytopher DAMNit I didnt WIN shit broke even, leave town in a few hours
  • JeriPutman I should've opted out of going to town, I want to buy to everything…with no money!
  • MrsTattooedgeek Summer vacation when you're poor is just a cruel joke.
  • noone89 My laptop is broken and now I get to buy a new one, right before vacation. I love having no money :(

Good luck with that, robbers.  Perhaps you should check out instead.