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Posted by: Mike Pomranz | November 3, 2009 at 11:00AM

what-rich-people-eatNowadays, even your lunch can go viral.

On Saturday, TMZ ran a story on Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's $52,000 lunch at NYC eatery Nello's.

The accompanying image of the receipt (seen to the right) has since gone viral based on its pure excess, which includes seven $5,000 bottles of booze (keep in mind the bill was paid at 2:39pm!) and a $7,328 gratuity.

I'm all for sitting down for a fancy meal, but my handy Zagat guide goes so far as to even bring the quality at Nello's into question.

Nello's scores a not so hot "19" in the Food department.  By comparison, DC-based burger chain Five Guys pulls in a whopping "24."

Anyone can whip up a $47,000 tab buying overpriced pasta and champagne.  Now if a Russian billionaire was able to throw down over 50 grand at a fast food burger joint, that would impressive!

I think it would be worth the expense just to hear the Five Guys employee yell out "Seven thousand one hundred and forty two patties!"

And at a fast food restaurant, Abramovich wouldn't even have to pay gratuity.  So it would save him a quick $7000.  That's frugal thinking.

And, according to Zagat, he would have gotten a better meal.

[via BuzzFeed]

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