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    Stinging Snack
    Stinging Snack

    Very few people know that scorpion venom tastes like vanilla..

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    Do something you won’t regret. Go see Daniel live on tour.

  • #WCW

    Save some of that ferocity for your wedding night, little lady.

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    This election year feels like we're living in an episode of Drunk Future. Minus the robots.

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All These Linsane People Need to Take It Down a Notch

Posted by: Mike Pomranz | February 21, 2012 at 11:00AM

Hey, I have an idea… How about waiting to see if he can "lin" any games with Carmelo Anthony in the lineup before we start flooding New York City with an army of half-Asian, half-Staten-Island-whore babies.

[via BuzzFeed]

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