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The 90 Ninetiest Buzzfeed Posts About The 90s

Posted by: Sam Jarvis | March 29, 2013 at 10:00AM

If there's one thing I know, it's that Buzzfeed LOVES the 90s. Even more than I do. Which is weird, because I fully expect to own an inflatable house with Jonathan Taylor Thomas one day.

So here we go. The 90 Ninetiest Buzzfeed Posts About The 90s:

1. The 9 Types of 90's TV Bad Boy Boyfriends

2. Movies Curious Gay Kids Watched In The 90's

3. Ways To Tell If You Were A 90's Ghost

4. The Most Awesome Happy Meal Toys Of The 90's

5. 48 Pictures That Perfectly Capture The 90's

6. Ways 90's Nickelodeon Scarred Me For Life

7. The Sad Saga Of 90's Inflatable Furniture

8. 31 Deeply Unsolvable Mysteries About 90's Hanson

9. Reasons Why 90's Boy Bands Were The Best Boy Bands

10. The Typical Day Of A Teenage Girl In The Late 90's

Check out the rest of this 90-licious list after the jump!

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Where Can I Learn More About Your Policies?

Posted by: Matt Koff | November 16, 2012 at 1:00PM

I can't wait for this girl to become our first and last female president.

[via The Chive]

Wikipedia Is Filthy

Posted by: Mike Pomranz | July 19, 2011 at 4:00PM

Over 3.6 million articles exist on Wikipedia.  And they are always trying to improve.

One of Wikipedia's "WikiProjects" is to get spoken articles on the site, making it more accessible.

Sadly, from those 3.6 million written articles, a mere 1,226 spoken articles exist.

But on a good note, a fine British chap (named Simon, no less) has you covered on two very important topics: "Mammary intercourse" and "Pegging (sexual practice)."

That's right.  If you've ever wanted to hear a British person explain in an English accent that "Pegging is a sexual practice in which a woman penetrates a man's anus with a strap-on dildo," the place to go is Wikipedia.

Now you know what the consummation of the Royal Wedding was like.

[via Reddit]

I Get It, We're the Biggest Thing on Television, We Know, Alright Already

Posted by: Mike Pomranz | July 13, 2010 at 11:00AM

Every morning I wake up around noon, arise from my Scrooge McDuck-esque bed of gold doubloons, push my way past the finest call girls you can find in Queens, pour myself a cup of Stumptown coffee (the arrogant man's coffee!), and begin to blog.

I only mention this because, as one of the show's bloggers, I've known how successful Tosh.0 has been for awhile.  I reap the benefits every time one of you sends me an unsolicited Facebook message containing funny images of your pet.  It's a lifelong dream fulfilled, really.

But yesterday, the Internet exploded with news of our recent "rise in popularity."

It all started with an innocent article from The Hollywood Reporter.  By the time Yahoo TV picked up the story, Middle America caught on, and I was getting congratulatory emails from friends in Wisconsin where cable TV is held in the highest esteem, like Miller High Life and tailgate toss (aka "cornhole".  Well named, guys).

The whole thing hit an Internet culture apex when we reached Perez Hilton's blog.  Luckily I had a camera facing me when I saw it and now we have another puke video.

Hilton titled his post "Guess We Better Start Paying Attention To This Guy!"  Thanks!  We'd been waiting for the endorsement of accused child-pornography distributors who like drawing fake cum on celebrity faces.  Too bad Jeffrey Dahmer was murdered in prison: He was next on the list of people I'd like a shout out from.

Let's just put all the hoopla aside so we can go back to doing what we do best…  Being the greatest show in the history of television.

Want to See a Boy Screwing a Turtle? Go to Wikipedia (or Worcester, Massachusetts)

Posted by: Mike Pomranz | August 17, 2009 at 11:00AM


What does the above image look like to you?

If you said "a young boy having sex with a pleasantly surprised turtle," then your head is in the same place as a Reddit user who saw this image on Wikipedia and posted a link to it, questioning, "Seriously… Is This A Statue Of Some Kid F—ing A Turtle?!?"

That is the big question…

The Reddit post generated well over 200 comments, driving traffic to the Wikipedia article on the fountain (officially known as Burnside Fountain), which was swiftly vandalized (on the web, not IRL).  Not long after the article was unceremoniously locked, with the note "Protected Burnside Fountain: Excessive vandalism: – link on popular website."

And so is the life of a Wikipedia article — at once informative and mock worthy: A balance so easily destroyed by vandals.

So, yeah, this is pretty much just a guy bangin' a turtle, right??