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The 90 Ninetiest Buzzfeed Posts About The 90s

Posted by: Sam Jarvis | March 29, 2013 at 10:00AM

If there's one thing I know, it's that Buzzfeed LOVES the 90s. Even more than I do. Which is weird, because I fully expect to own an inflatable house with Jonathan Taylor Thomas one day.

So here we go. The 90 Ninetiest Buzzfeed Posts About The 90s:

1. The 9 Types of 90's TV Bad Boy Boyfriends

2. Movies Curious Gay Kids Watched In The 90's

3. Ways To Tell If You Were A 90's Ghost

4. The Most Awesome Happy Meal Toys Of The 90's

5. 48 Pictures That Perfectly Capture The 90's

6. Ways 90's Nickelodeon Scarred Me For Life

7. The Sad Saga Of 90's Inflatable Furniture

8. 31 Deeply Unsolvable Mysteries About 90's Hanson

9. Reasons Why 90's Boy Bands Were The Best Boy Bands

10. The Typical Day Of A Teenage Girl In The Late 90's

Check out the rest of this 90-licious list after the jump!

11. Lance Bass Champion Of 90's Style

12. 10 Best Fictional Burger Joints Of The 90's

13. How To Make The Perfect 90's Website

14. Platform Sneakers Of The 90's

15. 90's TV Shows With The Coolest Bedrooms

16. 51 Reasons Why Supermodels Were Better In The 90's

17. 11 Ways Identity Theft Probably Played Out In The 90's

18. Here's A Totally Random 90's PSA From Joseph Gordon-Levitt

19. 12 Very 90's Christmas Songs

20. 10 Things That Make You A 90's Kid

21. 10 Things That Make You A 90's Kid (YUP another one)

22. How 90's Teen Shows Taught Me About Love And Life

23. 90's Hunks Shirtless Then And Now

24. All Of The Times 98 Degress Left Justin Jeffre Out

25. 39 Signs You Grew Up In The 90's

26. Every Sitcom In The 90's Went To Disney World

27. Life Lessons From 90's Movie(s?)

28. Pictures That Should Be Left In The 90's

29. The 22 Ugliest Examples Of 90's Footwear To Ever Meet Your Eyes

30. 90's Female Alt Rock Songs That Spoke To You

31. That Time Backstreet Boy AJ McLean Was On GUTS

32. Things That Remind Me Of The 90's

33. The Official Aging Timeline Of Hanson

34. Boy Bands From The 90's You Probably Forgot Existed

35. The Many Joys Of Jelly Shoes

36. 13 Untapped 90's Fashion Trends

37. 7 Life Lessons From Legends Of The Hidden Temple

38. Celebrate Valentine's Day With 90's Nickelodeon

39. 13 Celebrities Who Appeared On Are You Afraid Of The Dark

40. The Best Of Nostalgic 90's TV Intros

41. 15 90's Shows That Time Forgot

42. 90's TV Trivia

43. The 7 Most Demented Saved By The Bell Episodes

44. 14 Cartoons From The 90's That Time Forgot

45. What Your Choice Of Super Soaker Says About You

46. 13 Things You Didn't Know About Full House

47. Camp Cucamonga: Pretty Much The Most 90's TV Movie Ever

48. This Spice Girls Lip Sync Video Is A 90's Treasure

49. Fashion Lessons I Learned From Clarissa Explains It All

50. Top 20 90's Style Icons

51. The 14 Most Existential Questions Ever Asked On Pete & Pete

52. 13 Slammin Pictures From A Shopping Mall In 1990

53. The 18 Coolest 90's TV Show And Movies Shirts

54. 95 Seconds Of 90's TV Nostalgia

55. 12 Shows Of The 90's That Should Come Back Before Boy Meets World

56. Grams From Dawson's Creek Was Way Ahead Of Her Time

57. The Best Music Videos From Boy Bands In The 90's

58. The Best Band Of The 90's

59. 14 Kids Getting Terrified By Legends Of The Hidden Temple

60. Which 90's Boy Band Song Best Describes Your Love Life?

61. 90's TV Promos From Your Favorite Childhood Channels

62. What Is The Most Underrated TV Show Of The 90's

63. The 25 Best Things About The 90's X-Men Cartoon

64. 20 TV Shows From The 90's That You Never Realized Had A Soundtrack

65. 90's TV Theme Song Quiz

66. Music Guests You Forgot Were On Sabrina The Teenage Witch

67. Inappropriate 90's Boy Band Songs

68. Sports Trends That Died With The 90's

69. The Perfect 90's GIF

70. Now They're Old: The Casts Of 90's Shows

71. How A Teen Magazine Imagined The Future Of TV Back In 1999

72. The 7 1990's Nickelodeon Shows That Nostalgia Forgot

73. Underappreciated 90's Nickelodeon Stars

74. 10 Under-Appreciated 90's Stars That You Should Follow On Twitter

75. What's Clarissa Like?

76. 13 Things You Didn't Know About Ace Of Base

77. 90's TV Families Were Totally Broke

78. The Most Insane Things That Ever Happened On Full House

79. 90's Nickelodeon Stars Where Are They Now

80. Here's What The Cast Of Pete & Pete Is Up To

81. The Top 40 90's Boy Bands (Ranked By Current Hotness)

82. Forgotten Boy Band #254 Of The 90's: S.O.A.P.

83. The Beautiful 1998 Dawson's Creek J-Crew Catalog

84. "Noxzema Girl" Was Rebecca Gayheart's Biggest Contribution To The 90's

85. 25 Stars From The 90's You Probably Didn't Know Were On Twitter

86. Where Are They Now: The Cast Of Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

87. 10 Childhood Computer Lab Games

88. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Was Very Enthusiastic On Jeopardy In 1997

89. Mr. Belding For Vice President

90. New Years Resolutions From 1992

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