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I Grade Your Tosh.0 Costumes

Posted by: Mike Pomranz | November 1, 2010 at 2:00PM

Many of you took our challenge to post images of yourselves in Tosh.0 Halloween costumes on our Facebook wall.  It was tough randomly picking the ones I liked to show here, but I did it anyway.

Though, technically, there are no winners and losers, the real winners are the people who submitted photos and the losers are the rest of you.  Regardless, I hope you all had a great Halloween weekend.

Now let's get into the costume recap:

John's photo (seen above) is the closest we came to a true Daniel Tosh look-a-like.  The "Hello, My Name Is" sticker is a little on the nose and the V certainly could be deeper, but the pose is dead on and he's got the kind of looks discriminating TV viewers demand.  You got a future in Hollywood, kid!  A

See 11 other submissions after the jump…

My initial reaction to Jeremy's costume was "half-assed."  It's just a printed mask rubber-banded to your head.  But the clothing is well done and the stance is pretty spot on.  B

I like how Josh took the Josh.0 angle.  Fun.  But the deepness of that V is in question.  And Josh would never wear his own show's logo on his chest.  Plus what's up with Biggie?  We love hip-hop, but that poster is a little "in your face."  Plus, you look nothing like Daniel.  C-

This photo didn't come with any details attached.  I'm guessing it's a chapter of Tri-Tosh.Omega?  We can't keep track of where those things are popping up.  Ideally, we'd take the time to judge each girl individually as God intended, but overall, they look pretty decent.  A-

Alex submitted this photo of him dressed as Daniel along with friends dressed as a "pirate" and a guy with a "free candy" sign on his crotch.  Well, you got the "Is he gay?" part down.  C+

Avery, I believe calling your costume "shitty" is an understatement.  However, much like at a class reunion there is an award for the person who traveled the farthest distance to be there, I believe you deserve an "A" for your efforts.  D-

Just because you're wearing a deep-V, Andre, does not mean your are Daniel Tosh.  If that was the case, Comedy Central would be doling out TV shows to anyone and everyone.  Still, you're giving us the hand gesture.  D+

Rob did his take on the I Like Turtles Kid outfit.  Decent, but you spelled Tourtles wrong.  C

I'm not sure which sketch this costume is from, William, but I give you props for putting on such a ridiculous costume in true Daniel fashion.  I have a feeling he'd be proud of you for going all out to nail the gag.  B+

Julian went with Daniel doing "Surprised Kitty."  Here's a surprise, Julian.  I don't want to see your nipples.  F

And finally, two of you just dressed as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and tried to pawn it off as a Tosh.0 costume since Daniel dressed that way for the I Like Turtles Kid Web Redemption.  I applaud your laziness, Jeffery and Cullen.  C

Thanks to everyone who submitted.  See you next Halloween.  Be prepared next time.

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