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Your Wikipedia Entries

Posted by: Joselyn Hughes | February 3, 2010 at 10:01PM

Well, you guys certainly did change the Tosh.0 Wikipedia page. So much so that it was locked with in minutes after the show ended.


But you were thorough and although it's never nice to vandalize anything, it's still funny.

To see all the details of the (hilarious) damage, JUMP!

You guys made sure people knew all kinds of facts about Tosh.0, including facts about Daniel Tosh himself. For example…

You guys made sure to know people knew all about the show too. Some things WE didn't even know.  Like

You even managed to hit other pages, covering all kinds of ground that night.

And remember: vandalism isn't good.

So don't do it, even if Daniel Tosh tells you to.

I hope you guys learned your lesson.

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