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All Memes Are Better Upside Down!

Posted by: Mike Pomranz | December 2, 2009 at 9:00AM

Remember that super-cute video that went viral over the summer of a French bulldog puppy that couldn't get off his back?

Right, well, someone apparently took that exact video, flipped it upside down, renamed it "Helium Puppy Stuck on Ceiling", and re-posted it on YouTube to try and milk its cuteness a second time around.

Sound like a ridiculous cop out?  Not everyone thinks so…

Someone on Buzzfeed even went so far as to proclaim: "It's a least 100 times cuter than the original video."

That may seem like an absurd exaggeration… but it's not.

Everything is 100x better when you flip it!  Check out three incredible examples after the jump!

Just think about how awesome Dramatic Ceiling Chipmunk would be.  Amazing!


Or "I'm On An Upside Down Boat"!  At least one hundred times better than the original…


And then of course, there would be David Before Dentist.  Fa-a-antastic!


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