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The Internet is Like Addictive Drugs

Posted by: Chris Lesinski | November 20, 2009 at 5:00PM

YouTube is...

There's a pretty swell list of how popular internet things compare to their addictive drug counterparts. It's got MySpace as "huffing spray paint" because it "destroys any chance of looking credible" and Vimeo as a good tab of acid. And, indeed, YouTube can ruin a party as bad as a bottle of tequila. But I definitely have some trouble with them comparing Tumblr to a nice bottle of wine. Here's how he explains it:

A quiet night in with a couple friends, and a couple of their friends. Spilling nostalgic stories, flipping through photo albums, singing favorite songs, aiming for poignancy, and occasionally stumbling onto it. Emotions flow freely and without thought.

Ok, but why the nice bottle of wine?  You couldn't have this same event with a cheap bottle of wine?  Or any bottle of wine?  Or any alcohol for that matter? Suddenly, because you're a Tumblr fanboy, it's a bottle of Opus One. Get over yourself.

[via BuzzFeed]

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