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Today Marks Octobeard… But Wait for December

Posted by: Chris Lesinski | October 1, 2009 at 3:00PM

Huliheeeeee! Buzzfeed is pimping "Octobeard," a challenge for men to grow a beard for the entire month. It's one of the few "challenges" in the world that actually takes more effort not to do.

Well, sorry Buzzfeed. Long ago, I discovered John Dyer, who already has a monopoly on all awesome internet beard content. Since 1998, John Dyer has been growing beards each winter but his obsession has rapidly grown into a thick, fuzzy addiction. He has dedicated much of his personal blog to posts about how to grow a beard, beard folklore and MaBeGroMo, a beard-growing marathon that he declares during the month of December (not October).

But the true root of his website is his personal beard quest — a stunt that outdoes all beard-growing marathons. John Dyer is on a quest to grow every single type of beard in existence. From the Star Trek “Federation Standard” to the “French Fork,” from the “Hulihee” (pictured above) to “The Pencil,” Mr. Dyer has amassed a cornucopia of furry arrangements –- 25 of the coveted 35 possible beard configurations.

So, root on Dyer at his personal blog. And Octobeard will probably screw up your Halloween costume — so wait till December, like a real man.






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