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Why Can't Horrorcore Fans Be Friends?

Posted by: Chris Lesinski | September 18, 2009 at 1:00PM

Pay attention to the drummer hitting his sticks together in the background to cue his band and interrupt these jackasses.

Here's what they're trying to explain to us: "Maggots" hate "Juggalos" because they're faggots. "Juggalos" hate "Maggots" because they're faggots. Listen, fellas, you're talking into a webcam in a style pioneered by a teenager named lonelygirl15. Fuck the mainstream!

I'm still confused. ICP fans and Slipknot fans hate each other. But when I see a mosh pit, my impression is that everyone hates each other. There is no "liking" in Slipknot music. In fact, listening to that music even makes me hate myself. You guys are avoiding the real problem. Put on some Bob Dylan.

[via VideoGum]

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