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Traveling Wilburys Gretsch Guitar

Posted by: Joselyn Hughes | September 17, 2009 at 2:00PM

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Just because someone knows how to post a craigslist ad online doesn't mean they really understand the internet.  From the San Francisco craigslist :

So so so …….. you have made it this far, your stronger that you appear.

Well I have a Traveling Wilburys Gretsch guitar .

Its NOT a good guitar in fact it is one of the sh*ttiest guitars i have ever laid my eyes upon.
Or are you the one to bring this baby back to life.

I dont know how much to ask for, so what you got, willing to trade.

Call 760-583-XXXX ask for Snake eyes then say " The berry's are ripe for the picking"

The berries are ripe for the picking?  Just because you think the internet is a surreal, magical place that's trolled by wizards doesn't mean the rest of us do.  It's Craigslist, not Narnia.  I just want a guitar dude.




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