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Wikipedia to Color Code Text, Tosh.0 Blog to Follow Suit

Posted by: Mike Pomranz | August 31, 2009 at 5:00PM


Wired Science reported yesterday that, starting this fall, Wikipedia will be adding an optional feature called "WikiTrust" that will "color code every word of the encyclopedia based on the reliability of its author and the length of time it has persisted on the page."  Wikipedia hopes this system will help clear up ambiguities in the reliability of their articles.

This idea is genius!  In fact, it immediately inspired me to suggest a similar system to the Tosh.0 blogging team:

  • GREEN – You have to be really high to get this joke.  Like ridiculously high.  But trust us, if you take the time to handle your business and can still figure out how to log onto your computer, you'll be laughing until tears stream down your cheeks.
  • MALTY – We were hammered when we wrote this joke.  As professional comedy writers, we spend most nights drowning our sorrows in a mix of whiskey and TiVoed daytime television (the shows we used to watch during the previous 18 months that we were unemployed).  Putting back a fifth of Jack every evening means you usually wake up about as drunk as you went to sleep.  Typically anything posted before noon can be considered to have been written under the influence of alcohol, but with the new color-coding system, you'll know for sure.

See the rest of the color-coding system after the jump…

  • RED – Red means: "That's the joke!  You're supposed to laugh there!"  A lot of humor can seem subtle.  But with the addition of bright red text, you'll know exactly where every punchline falls without having to worry about whether or not it is "actually funny."  It'll make your life easier than getting Lyndon B. Johnson to take off his rain boots!
  • BLUE – Recycled material.  It's not easy writing 10 posts a day.  Sometimes we just put it on auto-pilot and let the jokes write themselves.  So don't worry: If you think you've heard a gag before, check if it's blue.  If so, you know we're phoning it in.  Just give us a sympathy chuckle and move on to the next post.  It'll save you more time than getting Lyndon B. Johnson to take off his rain boots!
  • YELLOW– Proceed with caution.  Humor is subjective.  We don't want to offend anyone.  If you see text is yellow, don't squint your eyes to try and read it, just move on.  Unless you don't mind being offended.  I mean really offended.  I'm talking more offended than a circus bear with Alzheimer's.
  • BLACK – Pure comedic gold.  When you see black text, rest assured you are getting the finest jokes money can buy.  Or at least the finest jokes you can obtain for free by visiting a website on the Internet.

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