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A Talking Raven Named Julian

Posted by: Chris Lesinski | August 27, 2009 at 3:00PM

I’ve heard a thing or two about crows being relatively smart. There’s a whole TED video about how someone trained them to search the city for spare change on the ground.

But most people think that crows are stupid. They’re at the bottom of the food chain –- rummaging through garbage and scavenging for dead carcasses. So, it’s kind of ironic that of all animals, they’d be among the few skilled enough to speak. It would be kind of like if crazy people on the street could communicate better than regular humans.

Maybe bums aren't as crazy as we think. Next time a homeless person explains that a talking crow stole all his change, I’ll think twice.

If you think the vid is a fake, check out more Julian after the jump…

[via Urlesque]





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