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10 Unfunny People You Should Not Be Following On Twitter

Posted by: Mike Pomranz | August 26, 2009 at 5:00PM


Yesterday, Huffington Post published their list of "50 Funny People You Should Be Following On Twitter."

Just what I need… 50 comedians trying too hard in 140 characters or less.

But seriously, I'd be more concerned if you are following one of these 10 terribly unfunny Twitter accounts:

  • Utah State Senate/@utahsenate/Legislative Body
    What you can expect: "Thank you for paying attention."
  • Kelly Wallace/@cbskellywallace/CBS News Correspondent
    What you can expect: "I learned it is incorrect to call them rip tides. They are rip currents. If caught in one, swim parallel to shore to get out of it."
  • The Ghost Bus Tours/@GhostBusTours/Tour Bus Company
    What you can expect: "will be on the Robert Elms show at 2pm today, BBC Radio London"
  • Sad Bastard/@Sad_Bastard/Hot New Rockband from Amsterdam
    What you can expect: "@jeanettejoy Thanx for following us! We'll keep you updated on our projects!"
  • Control Global/@ControlGlobal/God Only Knows
    What you can expect: "@UsabilityProj Seeking input: How early should operators be brought into the planning process for automation projects?"
  • Cosmetic Surgery/@tummytucksrus/Gastric Banding Surgery
    What you can expect: "abdominoplasty Surgery for less at our Specialist Clinics in Europe check out the latest offers Now >> ."
  • Green_Day Freak :D/@snowfighter244/Foreign Green Day Fan
    What you can expect: "gerade Twitterfox auf version 1.8.3 upgedated…. Jetzt funktionierts überhaupt nich' mehr :( lustig…^^ // Dienstag Klettergarten :)"
  • Mormon Times/@mormantimes/Mormon Newspaper
    What you can expect: "Do you know any Mormons who were at Woodstock in 1969? Let us know:"
  • Stoner Cat/@stoner_cat/Stoned Cat
    What you can expect: "@p84wrd meow meow this is @stoner_cat from the original website for years the @stonercat here stole my name – an IMPOSTER meow"
  • Austin Gun Club/@austingunclub/Gun Club
    What you can expect: "Happy Birthday to Michael….9 years old today!"







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