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10 Most Inappropriate Helen Keller Items on the Web

Posted by: Joselyn Hughes | June 3, 2009 at 12:00PM


Internet, we need to talk. We laughed at the grape stomping lady, that fat guy, and when you rick rolled us that one time, but sometimes you go too far.

You need to stop picking on Helen Keller. She’s just a dead American author and activist who was both deaf and blind. She’s not bothering you. So stop being so mean, seriously.

After the jump, we list of the 10 most inappropriate items pertaining to Helen Keller that we’ve found on the world wide Internet. JUMP!

10. This website and

9. This video

Both of these "simulate" what it's like to be Helen Keller. We get it, it's dark and quiet. But it's mean. Knock if off, guys.

8. This song with the line “do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips” started a dance craze online. Kids all over YouTube are dancing and singing and mocking this woman's inability to see or hear. Cruel, just cruel.

7. These weird urban dictionary definitions of "Helen Keller," that include "one who unnecessarily wears sunglasses indoors," "when you're looking for something without any idea where it is," and a slew of unmentionable sex acts. Clean up your act, Internet. That's just sleazy.

6. This tee shirt, while not making any sense, is still offensive. What's the thumbs up for, buddy? For being mean?

5. This children’s cartoon about Helen Keller doesn't look like something any kid I know would ever want to see.  (I didn't mean that to be a joke right there.)  This cartoon is awful.

4. This Twitter account was created by someone that's NOT Helen and it's obvious.  Have you no mercy?


3. This children's book, which knows it's ironic. They really went with that title? A picture book? Sheesh. You people are relentless.


2. This site that allows you to “kellerize your text."

Stop being mean to Helen translates to "Stop befuoopng g-gr-raaan to naaaannm!"


1. This video of an actress who is playing Helen Keller, and is very dedicated to the role. Really dedicated. But people aren't watching because they admire her, they're watching this because they're mocking her. Harsh.


AND… drumroll please…

1. This MySpace page– oh wait, we already did ten?

Sorry, i couldn't SEE that.

BAM Helen Keller joke is on YOU!!!!  What's your favorite Helen Keller joke?  Let us know in the comments.

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