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Submitting Content to Tosh.0!

Posted by: Mike Pomranz | May 13, 2009 at 11:35AM

TOSH.0 lays into the Internet.  And because we hate doing work, not only do we want you to watch the show, but we want you to create content for it.

Got original videos? Keep ‘em short. Like under a minute, because we have ADD.  Seriously, a kick-ass 10 second video would be great.

And make sure we can air it: Original music only, and no recognizable brands.  That means no Beyoncé songs in the background and drink that Diet Coke when the camera ain't rollin', okay?

Got links? Send them our way! But remember, we surf the web for a living: We’ve seen the whole Diet Coke/Mentos thing. Try to point us towards some smaller discoveries. Odd, off-beat, unseen stuff from blogs, videos, twitters, strange web sites, pics, and net pranks work best.

How to submit:

Submitting to Tosh.0 just got a whole lot easier!  Just use the uploader below!  [Note: You may have to sign-in before using the uploader.]

Once uploaded, your content will be visible to the Tosh.0 Community, including the show itself who will be scouring your shared items for unique, funny and interesting content for Tosh.0.

Upload your stuff and check out what other Tosh.0 viewers are submitting as well. Then watch Tosh.0 on Thursdays at 10pm to see what makes the cut!

You can also email links to If you're emailing us original content that you created, please be sure to include a valid email address and phone number.

We're looking forward to seeing your stuff!  Remember, keep things short, funny and original and the next time you watch your video it could be on Tosh.0!

I am affirming my agreement to, and eligibility under, the Terms of Use and the User Content Submission Agreement and am confirming that I own the uploaded content, or have all rights to upload the content, have the right to grant the rights I am granting in the Terms of Use and User Content Submission Agreement to display, distribute and otherwise exploit the uploaded content and that my submission of the content does not otherwise violate the Terms of Use and the User Content Submission Agreement.





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